"Shine a light on Poaching"

The "Shine a light on Poaching" Campign

Word Documentation Campaign Poster can be downloaded here (2.60 mb .PDF file)

Shine a light on Poaching

The Wild Deer Association of Ireland, Coillte Teoranta, the National Parks & Wildlife Service, the British Deer Society, Deer Alliance and Countryside Alliance Ireland have launched a campaign highlighting the message that "The unauthorised taking of deer (poaching) is illegal & dangerous!". According to the WDAI, poaching has reached epidemic levels in some areas through shooting at night with spotlights (lamping), shooting outside the designated hunting seasons, snaring or trapping and in some case coursing deer with dogs. WDAI have introduced their campaign with a dramatic and eye-catching poster which illustrates their point very strongly and which sets out advice to anyone coming across a possible poaching incident.

In a statement launching their campaign, WDAI say that while the word "poaching" has been for many generations associated with the illegal taking of pheasant or salmon, in terms of deer it can mean unnecessary injury or suffering to the animal, or even worse, death or injury to a person, as this illegal and dangerous activity usually involves the incorrect use of firearms, used in unsafe conditions, with little regard for the safety of others.

According to the Wild Deer Association of Ireland, poaching of deer has been on the increase in Ireland in recent years and the Association, through its nationwide membership and with the support of other organisations, aims to raise awareness and to inform members of the public of what should be done if a suspected illegal or unauthorised taking of deer is encountered.

"Deer must be culled but only under controlled conditions, to restrict damage to forestry and farmland where over-population occurs. Culling should always be carried out by a certified deerstalker such as persons certified under the Deer Alliance Hunter Competence Assessment Programme (HCAP), which promotes high standards and best practice, with adequate insurance cover such as that provided by Countryside Alliance Ireland"

"It is recommended where you suspect illegal hunting or taking of deer, that you contact your local Garda station or National Parks & Wild Life Service office, taking note of all relevant details such as location, date, time, vehicle registration and other details - but never approach!"

Word Documentation Campaign Poster can be downloaded here (2.60 mb .PDF file)

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