Report a Wildlife Crime

Following our successful Shine a Light on Poaching campaign, which highlighted the illegal taking (poaching) of wild deer. "Report a Wildlife Crime" now allows the reporting of wildlife crimes such as deer poaching, by completing* our questionnaire. Each report will be logged and followed up by the relevant authorities. Send completed questionnaires to:

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It is recommended where you suspect a Wildlife Crime has been committed, that you contact your local Garda station or National Parks & Wild Life Service office, taking note of all relevant details such as location, date, time, vehicle registration and other details - but never approach!

* Terms & Conditions - Report a Wildlife Crime is an initiative in response to the increasing levels of crimes against our wildlife. Our intention is not to interfere but support those responsible for policing our wildlife and their welfare.

We will only accept completed and signed questionnaires, and on the basis that a suspected Wildlife Crime has taken place. The Wild Deer Association of Ireland of Ireland, will forward completed questionnaires to the relevant authorities. Having done so we will not enter into any further discussion, correspondence or representation on the complainant's behalf or their representatives. We do not accept liability or make any judgement, on the content of questionnaires received. If you suspect a wildlife crime has taken place we advise you follow the recommended course of action by contacting the relevant authorities.

Step 1: Download Report

Poaching Report Form
(31 KB Microsift Word Document)
Step 2: Complete Report

Step 3: Attach Report to your Email & Send to:
or alternatively post it to the Wild Deer Association of Ireland, Ballybeg, Killmallock, Co Limerick

The information you give will be compiled in a national data base, allowing us to identify Deer poaching or other wildlife crime hotspots, and help prevent further incidents.