Wildlife Photography

This stunning collection of natural wildlfe photography was taken by the photographers Mark Coombes, John Creedon, John Delea, Tim O'Dowd, Joe Murphy, Denise Kennedy, Fran Byrne and John Rafferty. (Click on any of the images below to enlarge)

Donerale Sika Donerale Court Sika Deer Donerale Court
Window Deer Young Roe Buck Hungary Sika Stag in Velvet
Summer Red Hinds kerry Two headed Sika Stag! Killarney Red Stags
Red Stag Late Summer Royal Red Stag, early morning, Killarney, 'Keeping a watchful eye' Mountain Lion attacks deer caught on game camera, one in a million shot!
Sika Hind - early morning Sika Hind feeding in late evening. Red Hind - lakeside in the early morning
Sika Hind with Stag in rut. Red Hind at dawn in woodland. Bedded red hind at mid-day
Young sika, late evening. Fallow Doe - Jumping for Joy Master Fallow Buck
Mountain Red stags - Killarney, early morning. Bedded Sika Stag
Sika Hind and calf, Motherly Love. 
Sika Hind - 'Testing the Air' Fallow Does in a hurry, late evening.
Sika Stag - Guarding his hinds, early morning. Fallow Buck, Early Morning Fallow Buck, Early Morning, Phoinex Park
Old black Fallow Buck, taking it easy Phoenix park Fallow Bucks, during the rut Fallow buck, watching over his Does
Fallow Buck, early morning, fraying before the rut Late Summer Evening landscape Fallow Buck, Guarding his Doe, during Rut
Puffin Razorbill Foxglove in early morning due
Happy Family, Gannets groming Late Summer Landscape Killarney Lakes at sunset
Fallow Buck, Early Morning, Phoinex Park Early Morning Bitterroot National Forest in Montana on August 6, 2000


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