Ancient Irish Elk

Natural History

    This Giant Irish Deer is believed to have roamed the lowlands of central and eastern Ireland, weighing up to 800-1000 lbs. and stood at 2 metres at the shoulder, with antler width of up to 4 metres, (weighing up to 35kg) are the largest antlers know to have existed on any deer. They were palm like antlers, similar to those of a Fallow deer. It is understood they were a victim of the Ice Age finally disappearing from Ireland around 10,500 years ago. They had very few enemies due to their size, with the wolf posing very little threat.

    Even though they are known as the Irish Elk, fossils have been found in such countries as France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Britain, Italy and Central Asia. However the best collection of fossil's can be found at the National Museum of Ireland where there are 10 complete deer skeletons and over 250 partial remains, which includes 6 females.

    There have been many fossil finds throughout Ireland, with the most famous been Ballybetagh Bog, Glencullen, Co. Dublin where over 100 deer skeletons were found. Other sites are Howth, Co. Dublin and Lough Gur, Co. Limerick. These fossils have been mainly found in peat bogs and in old lakes, with some older fossils even being found in caves.

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